Luxury body piercing service

Quality Piercing plus Custom Jewellery and Alternative Wedding / Bridal

custom orders

Here  at Hole  Lotta  Love  we  offer  a  full  custom  design  service.  

The  only  limit  is  your  budget  and  your  imagination!  

We  work  closely  with  UK  based designer  Danila  Tarcinale,  as well  as  with  USA based  high  end companies  too.  

We  recommend at  LEAST  a  four month  window  if   you‘re  ordering  for  a  specific event  to  ensure  your  jewelleries  timely  arrival.  

Bridal / wedding service

Planning an alternative wedding?


(Or any wedding for that matter!) 

Here at Hole Lotta Love Walsall, we  are  specialists  in  wedding jewellery for  your  piercings!  From  off  the  peg  bejewelled  titanium  pieces,  flesh  tunnels and plugs made  from  precious  metals,  right  up  to  a  full  custom  service,  we  really  do  have  all   you  need for your  to  get  those  piercings  up  to  code  for  the  big  day!  

And  of  course  these  are  truly  special  pieces  you  can  wear  for  a  lifetime  -  not  just  for  your  wedding!  

They  also  make  perfect  bridesmaid  and  groomsmen gifts.  Check out our advert in Rock n Roll Bride magazine!

For  more  information  and  to  book  your  consult  session ,  please  get in  touch.  

If  you  do  not live  locally  we  can  do  the  whole  thing  online,  using  our  fantastic  tech  that  is  exclusive  to  here!

Digital ‘try before you buy’ service

Isn‘t  it  super annoying  when  you  think  you  like  a  particular piece  but  are  unsure  if  it’ll  suit?  

Well  be  annoyed  no  more!  

We  are  the  ONLY  local  studio  who  offers  a  digital  try  before before you  buy  option!  

To  book  a  digital  styling  session,  drop  us  a  message  via  our  website  or  social  media.  Easily accessible from M6 exit for Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Walsall.

Seen our advert in Rock N Roll bride? Bring your copy to your alternative wedding planning appointment and receive discount on your total order.